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Product Description

Features for SRC helical gearboxes reducers,
one.Greater output torque,stable transmission with lower sounds,
two.Ommibearing installation obtainable,
three.Aluminium alloy diecast,
four.Customising available for flange or shaft

Essential data for SRC helical gear pace reducers, 

Enter coupling Flange and shaft
Output coupling Flange and shaft
Foot mounted  Available for Motovario and CZPT foot mounted specs. The letter,B in the data sheet of foot code is for CZPT and M for Motovario
 Range of reduction ratios  3.74—fifty one.thirty
 Motor electricity coupled  0.twelve—4KW
 Version 1.Flange coupled,shaft output,with foot mounted,marked as SRC…P

two.Shaft coupled and output,with foot mounted,marked as SRC…HS
three.Flange coupled,shaft output,no foot mounted,marked as SRCZ…P

4.Shaft coupled and output,no foot mounted,marked as SRCZ…HS

5.Flange coupled and output,no foot mounted,marked as SRCF…P

six.Shaft coupled,flange output,no foot mounted,marked as SRCF…HS



The tooth area hardness, it is divided into comfortable tooth surface area gear transmission and challenging tooth surface area gear transmission. When the tooth floor hardness of the two wheels (or one particular of them) is significantly less than or equivalent to 350HBW, it is known as delicate tooth surface transmission when the tooth floor hardness of the two wheels is >350HBW, it is referred to as hard tooth area transmission. Delicate-tooth surface area gear transmission is often utilized for general minimal-velocity gear transmission that does not call for high precision, and challenging-toothed surface area equipment transmission is often employed for equipment transmission that requires strong bearing capability and compact construction.
Racks are utilised to transform rotary motion into linear movement. The spur teeth of the rack reduce into 1 confront of the sq. or round rod part and operate with the pinion, which is a modest cylindrical gear that meshes with the rack. Generally, racks and pinions are collectively referred to as “rack and pinion”.

China wholesaler Src Series Motor Helical Gear Units     wholesaler