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China Worm Gearbox / Double Enveloping Worm Reducer / Combination Reducer supplier

Solution Description

Worm Gearbox / Double Enveloping Worm Reducer / Blend Reducer

Merchandise Description

Attribute of Sgr Higher Effectiveness, Low Noice Cone Worm Collection Worm Gearbox   : In a Worm Gearbox, Worm Reduction Equipment Box, Worm Velocity Reducer and Gear Motor Maker, three to eleven equipment teeth are typically in contact with the worm, dependent CZPT the ratio. The elevated amount of driven equipment tooth that are in get in touch with with the worm drastically will increase torque capacity also raises shock load resistance. In addition to increasing the variety of driven equipment teeth in make contact with with the worm, Worm Gearbox, Worm Reduction Gear Box, Worm Velocity Reducer and Equipment Motor Producer also raises the get in touch with region on every single gear tooth. The true places of instantaneous get in touch with among the worm threads and the driven gear tooth are traces. These strains of contact go across the encounter of the equipment tooth as it progresses by means of its complete time of mesh with the worm. The strains of get in touch with in double-enveloping worm gearing are configured to increase the power transmission ability and lessen the anxiety on each and every gear tooth.


Datasheet on CUW double enveloping worm gear reducer :

Model ShaftDia. (mm) Center Height (CUW) (CUW) Output shaft Dia. Power Ratio Permitted Torque Excess weight
(CUW) input Solid(h6) (mm) (mm) (kw) (Nm) (KGS)
one hundred 28 190 48 one.forty one~eleven.5 10 .25~ 62 683-1094 42
one hundred twenty five 32 225 fifty five 2.forty two~19.7 10 .25 ~ 62 1170~2221 sixty five
140 38 255 sixty five three.94~25.nine 10 .25 ~ 62 1555 ~ 3473 85
a hundred and sixty 42 290 70 4.39~35.7 10 .25 ~ 62 2143 ~4212 a hundred and twenty
one hundred eighty 48 320 80 5.83~forty seven.five 10 .25 ~ 62 2812 ~ 5387 a hundred and seventy
200 55 350 90 7.52 ~sixty one.two 10 .25 ~ 62 3624 ~6859 220
225 sixty 390 one hundred nine.9~81.four 10 .25 ~ 62 4872 ~ 9224 290
250 sixty five 430 one hundred ten 12.9 ~one zero five 10 .twenty five~ 62 6284~11892 380
280 70 480 a hundred and twenty sixteen.9 ~ 138 10 .25 ~ 62 8347 ~ 15820 520
315 seventy five 530 one hundred forty 22.5 ~183 10 .25 ~ 62 11068~ 19450 700
355 eighty 595 a hundred and fifty thirty~245 10 .25 ~ 62 14818 ~28014  1030
four hundred 90 660 one hundred seventy 32.1 ~261 10 .25 ~ 62 15786~29918 1400
450 a hundred 740 a hundred ninety 42.6 ~347 10 .25 ~ 62 2571~39881 1980
five hundred one hundred ten 815 210 54.9 ~ 448 10 .25 ~ 62 27097~51180 2700



 Double-enveloping worm gearbox figure :

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SGR gearbox use normal wooden scenario for every gear gear unit.


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In accordance to Customer necessity, we supply goods by various transport, Sea transport, Air Transportation / Convey or Truck transportation etc.

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With all our actions DNV-ISO 9001, SGS -licensed, we stand for best-high quality service. Entrusting your gearboxes to the care of our Solutions.

Support safeguard your gearbox from dress in and grinding, SGR gearbox converts torque reliably and effi­ciently.
We customize our CZPT planetary gear units, double enveloping worm gearbox, helical gear motor, modular design and style helical gear unit, worm gearbox, cycloidal gearbox and so forth to match your software and fulfill your demands. 

These attributes allow a trustworthy and safe services daily life of more than two hundred 000 operational several hours. 

Our customers have been placing their trust in CZPT equipment models since 1997. A lot more than five hundred 000 gear models of our gearbox are in use reliably close to the entire world, in many circumstances underneath quite severe problems.


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ZheJiang CZPT Hefty Sector Equipment Co., Ltd.(previously acknowledged as ZheJiang CZPT Reducer Co., Ltd. ) (sgrgear)  has accrued prosperous first creating & producing expertise following becoming founded in 1996. CZPT model planetary equipment reducer has won honor of “Science and Technologies Improvement Prize” awarded by the National Speed Reducer & Variator Industry Affiliation.

We produce planetary gear units, planar double-enveloping worm gear velocity reducers (cone worm gear reducer), helical-bevel equipment motors, worm equipment reducers, helical worm equipment motors, helical gear motors and a lot of other kinds of gear units. CZPT gear motors and gear models have given satisfactory performance in different industrial purposes, which includes metallurgy, mineral, architecture, shipbuilding, petroleum combination, aviation area-flight, lift routeing, textile mechanic, cement, pharmaceuticals, pumps, basic mechanic and other area.

With the advantage of higher top quality & aggressive price tag, CZPT gear motor and equipment units are broadly welcomed in the domestic market place and exported to Southeast Asia, Center Asia, North The united states and European nations and so forth.

With the exceptional screening system, CZPT company is constantly trying to keep up with the most advanced engineering in the planet. We have presently obtained DNV-ISO9001: 2008 certificate,SGS, CE and so forth and a patent on CZPT branded gearbox. 

We have adopted sophisticated CAD and CIMS in design & manufacture, which aid our engineers create 3 – 5 sequence of new efficient goods each 12 months. All personnel in income & services department are nicely trained termly, thus you will be always warmly welcomed and recognized by our organization.

Application: Motor, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Industry
Function: Distribution Power, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction
Layout: 90 Degree Angle
Hardness: Hardened
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Single-Step


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